Pillaring Is The New Planking

First you get the planking, then you get the planking-related fatality, then you get the planking-related side meme. Defined as “standing as tall and straight as possible with no movement”, pillaring has suddenly emerged as planking’s perpendicular/less cadaver-like cousin and we couldn’t be more afraid for the future leadership of Australia. To the internet!

While the craze is far from pervasive, appealing or logical a handful of Facebook groups have been erected in its honour so if y’all enjoy what is commonly known as “standing” hit the like button. We’re 99% sure they’re in jest but judging from the verve with which Australia embraced the stupidest thing ever (causing one of the most avoidable deaths ever), it is logical to fear that pillaring may in fact become a thing. Please everyone, don’t let this become a thing!