Piers Morgan Tried To Burn J.K. Rowling But Accidentally Torched Himself

It’s been four days since J.K. Rowling and Piers Morgan went tit-for-tat on Twitter after Rowling laughed about Morgan being told to “fuck off” on television, and THEY’RE STILL FIGHTING.

ICYM that particular beef, the long-and-short of it is that Morgan – a notorious but highly paid and influential troll – continued to insult Rowling on the basis of the ‘Harry Potter‘ books.

It’s a weird one. I mean, the worst thing you could say about the franchise is that… it keeps going, I guess? Those books not only encouraged an entire generation to read, but they have literally been shown to make you a better human. The films revitalised the British film industry. ‘HARRY POTTER’ IS NOT VOLDEMORT, OKAY?

But uh, the very weird fight continued. A bitter exchange of tweets was had, and Morgan continued the beef long after Rowling had packed it in and gone to bed, tweeting into the screaming abyss that he was right, actually.

And yet, it turns out Rowling couldn’t let the feud die, either. For Valentine’s Day (which it still is in the U.K.), she tweeted a screenshot of an old article of Morgan’s in which he sung her praises – yet pointedly failed to mention the author.

And Morgan, seeing an opportunity to slam his opponent, retweeted her tweet and literally argued against his own article.

The article in question is from 2010, so not all that surprising he didn’t recognise his own words in the heat of the moment. (Source: am writer, cannot remember what stories I wrote yesterday.)

But after rightly getting called out for his self-own, Morgan claimed that he knew all along, actually.

Yeah righto, mate.

Photo: Real Time with Bill Maher / YouTube; Getty.