Phoebe Thompson, a model who appeared on the 2019 season of Love Island Australia, claims she was dropped by her modelling agency for starting her own adult website.

Thompson took to Instagram to allege that she gave her agency two months’ notice after she launched her website, only for them to drop her two weeks after it went live.

Phoebe Thompson says the modelling industry has no right to discriminate against her, especially given the “abuses” rife in the fashion world.

Have a read of her full statement below:

It’s so sad that in 2021 women are still fighting to have control over their own bodies.. That we are continually being judged, slut shamed and torn apart.. we are put into these degrading non existing categories based on the clothing we wear, our sexual history, our body count, the photos we post, whether we decide to have children or get married, our weight, our size!

After signing with another modelling agency after they reached out to me early March of this year I was hopeful and hesitant. I still had trauma from my days modelling as a teen, but I also thought this industry is changing for the better to include more diversity! Right from the start comments were made about the size of bust and how it would hinder my ability to be booked! It’s really important to me that management sees all their models differences as unique qualities to be marketed to brands as features to be celebrated!!

After months of really poor communication I realised this agency didn’t align with my values. long story short this ended up in a quite upsetting phone call between my agent and I. They told me no one would not want to work with me anymore because I have an exclusive content website even after telling them about this new venture 2 months before I launched the site and only having had the site for 2 weeks?! This was just an accuse for their poor management, it was such a horrible experience, the way they spoke to me was so degrading and insensitive, especially coming from a group of women. My website allows me to be safe, in control, capitalise off my body instead of being taken advantage off! I know so many models, dancers and actors that have been used and abused on all levels in this industry.

This post is for everyone who has been made to feel less than… live your life unapologetically for you

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Love Phoebe xx

To check out Phoebe’s website, head here.