An influencer is living out our dream by matching with IRL Spider-Man, Tom Holland, on a dating app.

Philine Roepstorff, the ex girlfriend of former Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner, revealed on a telly show that she once hosted with her hubby, called Bendtner & Philine, that she matched with her “biggest crush,” Tom Holland.

During the segment, she revealed that she’s always been thirsty for Tom Holland and was even sprung by her boyfriend DMing him once, and now that they’re donezo, her wish has come true.

“I’ve downloaded Raya, and I’ve just matched with Spider-Man — Tom Holland. He is my biggest crush,” she said.

“In 2018 Nicklas had a go at me because I wrote, ‘I love you,’ to him, because I just love him.”

Philine Roepstorff added, “I really like Spider-Man, but think he’s a bit short for me. I just Googled him, and he is 5ft 7 inches, so it might not work.

“I’m a little too tall. I am 5ft 10 inches, so if I put on high heels it’s going to be a little weird.”

Meanwhile someone wrote in to international gossip Instagram page Deuxmoi revealing that they also once matched with Tom Holland and they even shared a screenrecording of it.

Have a geeze at the dating profile that old mate Tom Holland has pieced together below. It’s a fun ride:

So did the influencer end up getting with the star?

Look, I dunno, but she did go on to say that she doubts she’ll find love on the app and lady, you’ve literally got the greatest guy on earth at your finger tips. PURSURE THAT SHIT.

“I don’t think that I have to find love on the Raya app, but I don’t have a job or a college where I meet people,” Philine Roepstorff said.

“Instagram and Raya are all the places where I can connect with boys.”

Tom Holland is not “boys”. He’s a god. A GOD.