Jude Law Is In Talks To Play Captain Hook In A Live-Action ‘Peter Pan’ & Consider Me Hooked

Your latest childhood favourite to be sexxed up by the smoking hot energies of Jude Law is the forthcoming live-action Peter Pan flick, Peter Pan & Wendy.

Insiders told Variety that Jude Law has signed on to play the classic Disney villain, Captain Hook in the reimagining of the 1953 Disney movie.

He follows a long list of live-action Captain Hooks, including Dustin Hoffman, Jason Isaacs and, most recently, Hugh Jackman.

Sources say the release is expected to hit the theatres and not go the Disney Plus streaming route, though it will, of course, head there eventually for you to see and enjoy.

Speaking of enjoy, the hit musical Hamilton just landed on the platform. Go check it out!