Peter Overton Handles The Lights Dying Mid-Bulletin Like Someone On $500K+

Anchoring one of Australia‘s biggest nightly news bulletins has its pros: the chance to be up there with the nation’s most-trusted and recognised news-deliverers, daily hair and makeup application (think of the time saved) and a nice, fat pay-cheque to cap it off.
But there are also plenty-o-cons: waking up at the bloody crack of dawn every day, not being half as cool as Ron Burgundy and having totally unpredictable shit go down in the middle of a live broadcast to thousands.
Enter Peter Overton, who last night copped the raw end of an electrical fault when the lights died during his reading of Sydney‘s Nine News at 6pm.. two times.
Because he’s a bloody pro, Pete barely skipped a beat when the set went completely dark, ad-libbing to sports presenter Ken Sutcliffe: “Put another 20 cents in the meter will you Ken?”, about two secs after which they pinged back on. 
Old mate obviously short-changed him, though, because the lights went out for a second time moments later.
It was at that point Pete admitted defeat and threw to reporter Lizzie Pearl so the control room could get its shit together.

All in all, a cock-up well handled by one of the news biz’ true pros: just ask the *other* Pete, Pete Stefanovic

Source: Mumbrella.