Peter Jackson Knighted

The title “Sir” will now precede Peter Jackson’s name after the Oscar winning Writer, Director and Producer was included in New Zealand’s New Year Honours’ list. The man behind the film adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord Of The Rings trilogy and newly released “The Lovely Bones” was knighted simply for “services to film”. Of greater importance however, is Jackson’s services to (and normalization of) anemic fantasy fiction fans with their weird felt hats and Elvish in-jokes. Now THAT’S an achievement.

It goes without saying that Jackson’s work has promoted the natural beauty and creative talent of New Zealand like Baz Luhrmann hoped Australia would, what’s less obvious however, is which New Zealand industry is more indebted to his breath taking epics. Is it film or fist pumping adventure tourism…because we’re positive that Lord Of The Rings is responsible for 50% of the bungee jumping going on in New Zealand right this second.