Peter Jackson Breaks Records With Sixth Boxing Day Smash

Can you remember a Boxing Day without a Peter Jackson film release? If you’re a Gen Y kid, probably not; the Kiwi director has launched nearly every one of his flicks on December 26 since the first Lord Of The Rings way back in 2001.

Today is was announced that Jackson’s last (please God) Hobbit instalment, Battle Of The Five Armies, took out the top Boxing Day position for the sixth time in Australia, netting a cool $5.6 million. This feat was also achieved last year by the previous Hobbit movie, which took $5.4 million. Only Harry Potter and The Avengers have stalled Jackson’s steamroller of cash in the new millennium. 
This also marks possibly the last – the hashtag for the film is #OneLastTime after all –  of J.R.R Tolkien‘s more famous novels that Jackson can turn into an overwrought, multi-part CGI serial that frankly stopped being awesome the second we figured out where The Ring actually was. Jackson, who has innovated in 3D technology and sometimes seems like he’s pretty much propping up the entire New Zealand economy, already has other projects on the backburner, so no doubt he’ll be back ready to rake in the millions next year.
Image via Getty / Robyn Beck