A Current Affair Bum-Rushed Pete Evans In His Car & It Made For Some Cringe Yet Quality Viewing

Pete Evans

A Current Affair, true to form, ran the most A Current Affair story on Monday night when it decided to take on infamous conspiracy theorist Pete Evans. And it went as well as you would expect – bad, it was so bad. The promo is enough to make you sigh so hard you’ll feel like you just shat out your lungs.

So, the gist of ACA‘s story focused on Evans flogging a 3,500-acre village development called Nightcap, located about an hour’s drive away from his Byron Bay Evolve Health Lab.

According to Evans’ website, the philosophy behind Nightcap is to “get back to the tribal wisdom of living in harmony with Mother Nature as well as the fundamental lore of Doing No Harm.”

Pretty stock standard stuff from Evans, really.

He even starred in a 30-minute promotional video for the commune last year, which spruiked the development as an investment for people looking to buy into “harmony”.

But former investors of the land, who were involved with a different, albeit failed scheme a few years ago, have alleged that Nightcap’s history is heaps dodgy. ACA reported that people ended up losing their life savings due to past failed schemes.

“There’s a whole lot of karma coming,” one former investor, known only as Andrew, told the program.

And that brings us to ACA‘s classic style of bum-rushing Evans’ car, and asking him how he feels about people losing “their life savings” to Nightcap.

“More propaganda,” Evans (of course) replied, and started filming the interaction on his phone.

You’ve got to laugh. / A Current Affair.

Again, pretty standard stuff from Evans.

The conspiracy theorist then told ACA reporter Steve Marshall and his crew to hop on over to Nightcap, which they did. And then a man approached their car and threatened to “bust this fucking window.”

If you really, really want to, you can watch the promo here.

Right about now is the time I would head to Evans’ social media platforms to see if he has something to say about ACA‘s report. But Evans’ Facebook page was nuked last December after he continually breached the platform’s misinformation policy over COVID-19 posts. And then he was booted off Instagram in February for sharing misinformation about the virus and vaccines.

Ah well!