Pete Davidson Has Opted For A Target Shopping Trip To Cure The Breakup Blues, Which Is A Choice

Over the weekend word got out that Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson had torched their relationship.

Apparently their nine-month relationship ended shortly after Kim’s recent trip to Cairns.

ICYMI: Pete is currently located in Cairns while filming the upcoming movie Wizards!.

According to a sneaky insider who spoke to Deuxmoi, the two had hardly spoken “in weeks” when Kim visited Pete Down Under and he was “annoyed” by Kim’s attempts to flirt.

So following the breakup, all eyes have been on Pete to see how he’s faring and he’s been spotted mincing around Cairns attempting, seemingly trying to distract himself with fun activities.

On the day that the news went live, Pete was spotted shooting hoops with his mates.

A production insider on Wizards! told Daily Mail Australia that Pete “looked relaxed, like he didn’t have a care in the world. He was just chilling and shooting hoops.”

They added, “He is a bona fide movie star. He has the world at his feet and no doubt every starlet in Hollywood will be calling him now.”

Days later, he was spotted doing what I’m sure all of us have done following a nasty breakup: he partook in some retail therapy.

Which establishment did he choose to hit up to cure his breakup blues?

Randomly, the dude chose Target in Cairns. Pete Davidson… you OK, hon?

The comedian was photographed sashaying through Target in Cairns Central Mall.

No idea what he purchased, but someone from his entourage was in tow carrying one of those Target bags with the gross plastic material that you have to pay extra for.

Mate, I know you’re down in the dumps, but next time please bring a fucken green bag or a tote with ya, yeah? Save the fkn planet.

Anyway, have a peek at the piccies here.

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