Pete Davidson Says Kim, Kanye & Timothée Forced Him To Foot An Exxy Dinner Bill

Celebrities, they’re just like us. They go out for dins with their mates, share a few laughs, post piccys on social media then have an awkward moment when the bill comes. This is how it went down when Pete Davidson and Kid Cudi‘s dinner date was crashed by several other stars.

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During a Vanity Fair Q and A with Machine Gun Kelly, Davidson spilled the tea on an exxy, star-studded night out.

The comedian took Cudi to Nobu, Malibu for dinner to celebrate his 35th birthday. As a gift to the bday boi, Davidson put his plastic behind the bar to pay for the food and drinks they consumed.

Naturally, since they were at a celebrity hotspot, they ran into Kim Kardashian and Kanye West who joined them at their table and allegedly went to town on the menu.

“[Kanye] kept ordering the whole entire time and I didn’t know he was coming and I already put my card down to pay because I thought it would be just me and Cudi,” Pete revealed.

They were soon joined by Call Me By Your Name cutie Timothée Chalamet who also ordered exxy items from the Japanese restaurant.

“Then, Chalamet showed up and then Kanye showed up and I was like “Oh, fuck” and then I had to book two more gigs in Ohio.”

Apparently Kanye ordered “a bunch of rich people stuff,” adding the rapper’s attitude was “order the fucking everything because I can and then we all have one bite, maybe… because fuck you… guy.”

Kim later shared snaps from the blessed, albeit exxy, evening on her Twitter, so ya know it happened:

Kardashian later chatted about the night during her appearance on The Tonight Show:

“It was Kid Cudi’s birthday, and we went to Nobu and when I got there I realised it was, like, a guys’ dinner. So I was like, OK.

“I honestly… posted this and I didn’t even tag anyone. I got more DMs from my friends — from my gay friends, from my straight friends, everyone — asking me about Timothee and Pete.”

Ugh, rich people.