Pete Davidson Says Ariana Grande Sabotaged Him By Allowing BDE Speculation

pete davidson

Anyone can drop a backhanded compliment, but it takes an expert to dish a remark so laden with hidden intent it only makes sense months down the track. Ariana Grande might be one of those shade prodigies, says Pete Davidson, who joked the singer’s infamous references to the size of his penis may have screwed him over after their split.

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PEOPLE reports it like this: at a Saturday night stand-up gig in New York City, Davidson said Grande entertained speculation about the size of his genitalia to sabotage his meetings with other partners in the future.

“Everything is huge to her,” Davidson said of his 1.53m-tall ex-fiancée.

“Why would she tell everyone that I have a huge penis? So that every girl who sees my dick for the rest of my life is disappointed.”

It’s just the latest twist in the wild story of Grande, Davidson, and the folk legend that is his dong.

In June last year, Grande posted a (now-deleted) tweet insinuating Davidson was “like 10 inches”, which is 25cm to those playing along at home. That post was bolstered by the proliferation of the phrase “big dick energy”, which was first used to describe Anthony Bourdain but was popularised by an article claiming Davidson has serious BDE. 

After their split, Grande used the music video for breakup banger Thank U, Next to include yet another reference to Davidson’s penis. She can be seen writing the word “HUUUUUGE” next to a photo of the pair, and it somehow seems unlikely she’s referring to his height.

Despite Davidson’s claim from the stage, it’s unclear if Grande’s comments have actually impacted Davidson’s love life after their split. If you believe unconfirmed rumours reported after the Golden Globes though, Kate Beckinsale may be the person to ask about that one.