Perth Commuters Saved a Man Following a Nasty Train Mishap

From a social and political perspective, a lot of the stories coming out of Australia lately are fairly grim, but every so often, people come together to achieve something worthwhile. Case in point: a group of rail commuters in Perth, who banded together to save a man earlier today, after his leg became caught between a train and a platform during morning rush hour.

ABC News report that the man was boarding the train around 8.50am when he slipped after taking a position near the doorway, and his leg became caught. In other words, the kind of terrifying situation that flashes through the back of your mind (or at least my mind) whenever you hear those messages telling you to “mind the gap”.

The driver was alerted, and quick-thinking staff removed passengers from the train, then organised a group of them to push it, tilting it back from the platform so the man could be released. Whew. The man was quickly freed, and though an ambulance was called, he was not taken to hospital, and it is believed he did not suffer any serious injuries.

“Everyone sort of pitched in,” said Transperth spokesman David Hynes after the incident. “It was people power that saved someone from possibly quite serious injury.” Take the day off tomorrow, anonymous Perth commuters. You’ve earned it.

Image via Twitter