People Are Accusing The BRIT Awards Of Being Rigged After Little Mix Lost

It wouldn’t be an awards show without one fan group feeling that their idols had been cheated, and so Little Mix fans have descended upon the BRIT Awards with all the anger and disbelief that an army of 14-year-old girls can muster.

Little Mix’s video Touch was nominated for Best British Video, they faced some tough competition in the form of Harry Styles with Sign of the Times and Ed Sheeran with Shape Of You.

Coming into the final stretch, it appeared that Little Mix were winning the fan vote, but Harry Styles ended up taking the award home and now people don’t know what tf is going on.

The BRITS released a statement addressing the claims.

“The final leaderboard was displayed on The BRITs website prior to the final count being checked and verified independently by the Electoral Reform Services, the company that independently run all BRITs voting processes. The leaderboard doesn’t work in realtime and the vote was incredibly tight at the top. Fans can have complete confidence in the BRITs public vote. Multiple tweets by the same user did not count (as per our published terms and conditions) but do help with the trending stats on twitter which could have led to some confusion amongst voters.”

The Electoral Reform Services said:

“BRIT Awards Ltd employs our services to monitor all voting including the publicly voted categories. Robust vote-counting rules and filters are in place which are in accordance with ITV’s voting regulations, and agreed and tested prior to any vote taking place. We are confident that the vote integrity has not been compromised.”

Sounds reasonable, but it’s gonna take a whole lot more than that to appease these stans, geez.