People Are Confessing To Their Unpopular Movie Opinions & It’s So Cathartic

Everyone has a movie that is universally loved but you can’t stand. The sort of movie that is so universally loved, you almost can’t bring yourself to admit you don’t like it. I remain convinced that groupthink is the only way Napoleon Dynamite was quoted by literally everyone I know in 2004. And don’t even get me started on The Castle.

(NB. These opinions are mine and mine alone. I remain pretty much the only one in the PEDESTRIAN office who doesn’t ‘get’ The Castle, and am regularly bullied by my colleagues about it.)

Hating Avatar doesn’t count, because despite taking in US $3.02 billion worldwide, everybody hates it. And hating something extremely mainstream like The Devil Wears Prada doesn’t count either, because Meryl Streep is the tits in that film and disliking it means you’re wrong.

Folks on Twitter are confessing to their unpopular movie opinions, and it’s as cathartic as it is weird. Whatever heaps good movie you’ve always hated – well, there’s someone else out there who feels exactly the same way you do.

Who doesn’t like Titanic? This guy, apparently.

Titanic-hater Chuck is the one who started this whole mess, but plenty more are joining in.