People Are Trolling The Hell Out Of 7News With A+ Simpsons References

Never underestimate people’s commitment to a bit.

Because of, or perhaps in spite of, the fact that it’s Friday, residents of the Internet have today been combining their love and obsessive knowledge of The Simpsons with their love and obsessive knowledge of taking the absolute piss.
And their target today has been the poor sods running the various 7News social media pages around the country.
Under the guise of exclusive news tips, people on the very popular Simpsons Facebook groups Compuglobalhypermeganet Australia & New Zealand and Four Finger Discount have been baiting Seven‘s various local newsrooms with supposed tips on stories, and then when they’re not expecting it – BAM! The ole’ fork-in-the-eye.
‘Course there’s also people who have been far too quick to try and claim the internet kudos from their fellow pests and haven’t bothered to wait until getting a nibble before they’ve claimed the fish. But the paper still turns clear, nevertheless.
A more cromulent way to run out the clock for the week, we’ve ne’er seen.
Bless you, you sweet, throughly annoying, hilarious legends.

Source: Facebook.