People Are Fuming Over News Natasha Exelby Has Been Sacked From On-Air Role

We all fuck up at work sometimes. Some of us fuck up daily, even. Most of us, however, don’t have tens of thousands of people watching us when we fuck up. Thank fuck.
Unfortunately for Natasha Exelby, the exact reverse is the case for her. She went delightfully viral over the weekend after she got caught unaware by a cut back to the ABC24 desk:

While, to the rest of us, this seemed wonderful, funny, and charming, it seems the ABC did not see it in the same light, with News Corp reporting that Exelby has been sacked from all on-air duties, although there is no indication that she has been let go entirely from the ABC.
Understandably, the internet has not taken it well:

Neither Exelby or the ABC has so far confirmed the news, with Exelby telling News Corp that it would be inappropriate for her to comment at this time.
Shit’s fucked, hey.
Source: Twitter / @ABCmediawatch.