Pedestrian’s Russian Standard Vodka Editor-at-Large

From Vladimir Nabokov’s ‘Lolita’ to model Natasha Poly (real name Natalia Polevshchikova), or perennial slashee and heiress Dasha Zhukova Pedestrian’s penchant for all things Russian borders on unhealthy.

So when Russian Standard Vodka, Russia’s Number One Premium Vodka, made and distilled in Russia, suggested we station an editor-at-large in Russia for the rest of the year to give you a first-hand insight into Russia’s creative culture – we agreed faster than t.A.T.u. shot up the pop charts.

Helping us to explore modern Russia’s cultural underbelly we’ve enlisted Ms. Anna Frost – a 22 year old blogger, culture maven and Moscow resident with a weather appropriate surname as our Russian Standard Vodka Editor-at-Large.

For the next three months Anna will blog about the latest and greatest fashion, music, art, design, film and pop-culture all the way from Russia with love.