TikTok’s Pop Princess Peach PRC Came Out As A Lesbian In A Huge Win For The Gay Agenda

peach prc lesbian

TikTok personality and fairy pop princess Peach PRC has just come out as a lesbian on Instagram and we love that for them.

The singer revealed the news on Sunday in a post where she posed in a gorgeous bubblegum pink mesh dress in the sun like a straight-up queer fairy. A pretty everyday norm for her, let’s be honest.

“Came out as a lesbian today,” she wrote in the caption.

“To be fair, the closet was made of glass.”

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The singer also revealed the news on TikTok by mashing it with one of her new announced songs trending on the platform. Get that coming out moment and get yo’ coin, girl.


the people on my private account already know this but pls be nice 💖 any negative comments will be deleted

♬ God Is A Freak – Peach PRC

The announcement has been adorably welcomed by fans. One specifically touched on the importance of Peach coming out as a lesbian and seeing hyper-femme lesbian representation.

“My young self could have really used this when I was growing up,” they wrote in the comments of Peach’s Insta post.

“You have NO idea how many lives you are changing by proudly living as an openly visible lesbian. I love, love, love this and you.”

“Aw my heart,” Peach replied.

“Thank you for this comment, truly so sweet and kind.”

Another comment summed it up well when they added that regarding Peach’s announcement, “this is a win for us all (women)”. So true, bestie.


i read the first few sentences and said “maybe another time” 😌

♬ original sound – internet princess

In a statement shared exclusively with PEDESTRIAN.TV, the singer said: “The response has been really beautiful and supportive.

“I feel so welcomed by the lesbian community and finally at peace with something I’ve been shying away from for the longest time.”

Peach PRC rose to fame in 2020 and has become one of the biggest Aussie exports on TikTok with 1.8m followers and over 100m likes — queen behaviour.