Paulini Celebrated Getting Her Actual License By Making A Joke About Her Many Driving Offences

paulini drivers license

Paulini — legend, Aussie icon, household name and star member of The Young Divas, Australia’s best girl group to come out in the last twenty years, finally has her license. It’s a big deal for the singer, and we’re gonna talk about why.

It is no mystery to the Australian people that Paulini has had a rather interesting relationship with driving since 2002, when she first received her learner’s licence.

In total, there have been 10 offences made by Paulini, in which she’s either had to pay a massive fine or sit out for 12 months without any driving whatsoever. The biggest one of these was the last, in which she pleaded guilty in 2017 to bribing a government official for a fake license, which she ended up using for a year.

According to the Daily Telegraph, here’s every offence that Paulini has committed until now, which will explain why Paulini getting her drivers license is such a big deal.

  • $123 fine in 2013 for speeding.
  • $208 fine in 2014 for speeding.
  • $384 for driving with an expired license in 2007.
  • $647 for driving on L’s unaccompanied and $197 for not displaying plates in 2009.
  • $206 for not displaying L plates in 2011.
  • $300 for driving on L’s unaccompanied in 2013, suspended for three months.
  • $800 for driving with a cancelled license in 2014, suspended for twelve months.
  • $815 for driving on L’s unaccompanied and $248 for not displaying plates in 2016.
  • $189 for speeding in a school zone in 2017.
  • Good behaviour bond for pleading guilty to bribery in 2017.

So yeah. Quite the past.

The best part about Paulini getting her license in 2021, however, is that she won’t be doing so without making a couple of jokes about her experiences driving back in the day.

“So something happened… this time I did it the right way… the legal way,” Paulini wrote on her Instagram post.

“I got my LICENSE, I sat the test, I did the driving test and I passed.”

“Last attempt, I didn’t have the confidence that I could do it… I was so wracked with anxiety… (So I tried to buy one… and we all know how that ended).”

“Give me a wave if you see me out and about on the roads. (Or maybe don’t I should be focused with two hands on the steering wheel).”

We stan a queen. Congrats on your license legend!