We were all hoping that the circumstances would never arise where this was necessary again, but, like Superman returning from the Fortress of Solitude to battle General Zod or whatever, Pauline Pantsdown is considering coming back to once again wage war against Australia‘s worst and least giving-upingest (definitely a word) politician, Pauline Hanson.

Although Hanson seems extraordinarily like a very dated artefact of the 90s that shouldn’t work today, it looks like she’s won herself a seat in the Senate and (according to her) could have another 5 members of One Nation in there with her. 

In recent years Hanson had switched tack from her anti-Asian immigrant stance to an anti-Muslim one, but, to the delight of racists everywhere, she’s now doing both. 

So what better time for inarguably catchy political satirist Pauline Pantsdown to get back on the scene?

UNSW lecturer Simon Hunt, the man behind the make up, says that although he’s considering it he doesn’t want to rush in:

“It’s about seeing what happens with her and how useful that activity is. It’s not 1998 anymore, she’s been a b-grade celebrity for 18 years now.”

“If I were to take on a song it would be about the same things: that she’s talking rubbish and that the only things that are driving her are racism and hatred.”

Now’s as good a time as any to give “I Don’t Like It” another listen and reminisce about a time when this dominated the Triple J rotation:

Source: SMH.

Photo: YouTube.