Paul Rudd Shrinks Down, Remains Handsome In New ‘Ant Man’ Teaser

Marvel’s Ant-Man, otherwise known as Hey, Here’s Another Semi-Obscure Superhero You Might Enjoy, is coming your way soon, hitting Australian cinemas on July 16.

Over the weekend, the studio released a new teaser for the film, including some new footage of Paul Rudd‘s title character in action, and a typically gruff and authoritative Michael Douglas voice-over. 
During a recent interview co-star, Evangeline Lilley spoke about the changes that Rudd and Ada McKay made to Edgar Wright‘s original screenplay following his departure as director.
Noting a distinct shift in tone, she told Empire:
“I think the most defining difference between the two scripts was that Edgar’s didn’t take itself as seriously. It was fun and silly and brilliant irreverent – a romp from beginning to end, in classic English fashion. Whereas where we’ve gotten to is so much more American. There’s tons of levity, but just as much emotion.”
Take that however you wish, and in the meantime, enjoy: