As if Paul Rudd wasn’t already My Favourite Man Yet To Disappoint Me, he’s just gone and reinforced that at the Kansas City Chiefs championship game in Kansas City, Missouri (not Kansas, don’t ask.) with a very wholesome encounter with a sports journalist and fan.

Charlotte Wilder, a senior writer at Sports Illustrated, found herself on the same flight as Paul Rudd (!!!) headed to Kansas City yesterday. She was flying in to cover it for work, and Paul was set to be one of the team’s Spirit Captains for the game against the Tennessee Titans, the winner going on to play in the Super Bowl this year against Not The New England Patriots.

What unfolded was a moment of sheer personal strength from Charlotte who, upon spying Paul on the flight, fought her urges to go up and recite his now-viral ‘Hot Ones’ moment back to him. You know the one. It’s this one.

Instead, Charlotte decided to end up saying hello and then tell him that she was going to say the meme, but didn’t (which is almost weirder, to me) and told him that if he wants to “chat about the Chiefs” she’d be keen. Which, like, yes absolutely shoot your shot girl. I love this, and I would have fallen over my words and probably just blurted out something like “hELLO PAUL RUDD!” because I’m a huge idiot like that.

But that’s not the end of it, my friends. Absolutely not.

Cut to the actual game day and Charlotte ran into Paul Rudd again (!!!), this time in the Chiefs locker rooms and HE was the one to lean into the joke, because at that point, who COULD believe that’s where they were? Not him!

Oh and the Chiefs won, so they’re going to the Super Bowl for the first time since 1970.

What a day for exceptional Paul Rudd, husband of my dreams, content.

Image: YouTube / First We Feast