In my life, I have seen four championship wins from teams I adore: Essendon’s 1993 and 2000 AFL Premierships, both of which occurred when I was but a wee lad, and the Green Bay Packers’ 1997 Super Bowl win (again, a wee lad), and their 2010 championship triumph, which occurred on a Monday where I could only watch a replay of the game that began at midnight. The point I’m trying to make here is that I have never once been able, as an adult person, to go out and celebrate a championship victory by inhaling a year’s supply of froth monsters in one night. Lord knows when, or even if, I’ll be able to do that in my lifetime given the sizzling not-quite-there-ism both sides have served up in recent years. But should it occur, I am doing one. I am doing one. And my high water mark for how much one will be done is now Paul Rudd.

Following the Kansas City Chiefs drought-breaking Super Bowl victory last week, Rudd has been on a historic one in celebration of his home town team’s big win.

Given the fact that he is Paul Rudd, that celebrating has involved being taken under the team’s wing as the entire squad of certified Big Boys pulls the kind of sick one that can only be fully appreciated when viewed from space.

Cue: Footage of Paul Rudd in an unidentified club that has emerged on social media.

Firstly, here’s footage of Rudd behind the DJ booth clearly having a bloody great time while Chiefs’ tight end/hype machine Travis Kelce leads the entire venue in a “fuck the club up” chant.

And then, the pièce de résistance, a club goer subsequently spotted a clearly feelin’ good all the time Rudd hugging the wall, and a beer, while sloppily dancing to a We Will Rock You Remix and enjoying the shit out of himself.

If you were unsure as to whether or not you love to see it, the answer, dear reader, is yes.