Paul Rudd Weighs In On That Wild Avengers Theory About Ant-Man & Thanos

Paul Rudd

The ever-youthful and eternally delightful Paul Rudd has weighed in on one of the wilder and grosser Avengers: Endgame fan theories, concerning how his character Ant-Man could have defeated Thanos in the epic film.

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Ant-Man has the power to shrink down to microscopic sizes and then expand to many storeys high, so some posited that he could finish the bad guy simply by shrinking down, crawling up his butt then blowing him up from the inside. Simple, right?

When Paul Rudd appeared on a recent episode of The Big Ticket podcast, host Marc Malkin asked him about the theory and whether or not it’s plausible. He said that he’d been presented with this proposition a few times, and admitted “it seems a little far-fetched to me.”

“Let’s go try to bring Josh Brolin in here, see what he thinks about it,” he added.

Several days later, Variety actually did approach Thanos actor Brolin at the premiere of the film, and when asked about Ant-Man and butt stuff, he replied:

“I don’t know what that whole thing is about! I really don’t! Does Thanos have a butt? Did you see what I posted today? That’s a peach, man, that’s a peach. That’s a purple peach if I’ve ever seen one, that’s a beautiful, purple peach.”

He was referring to an image he had posted earlier, showing Thanos in all his glory: