Paul Feig Unveils The New “Ecto 1” From The Ghostbusters Reboot

Paul Feig has been having himself an absolute blast manning the helm of the new much-talked about, female-lead Ghostbusters reboot. And why the hell wouldn’t you? It’s like being giving the key to the toy store of your childhood dreams and being told to go nuts.

And as he is wont to do, he’s been ramping up the anticipation for the film – which is currently shooting – by drip feeding little bits and pieces of information via the ole’ Twitter feed.
A few days ago we got a look at the new Ghostbusters coveralls the core cast – Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones – would be wearing.

Then we saw what the brand new Proton Packs were going to look like…

…which included a detailed breakdown of their makeup, for all those amateur ghost busting enthusiasts out there.

Earlier today, we got a look at McCarthy in the actual suit, thanks to a keen eyed snapper with a quick shutter finger.

And now to top all of that off, Feig has gone ahead and dropped as a look at the brand new Ecto 1 – the high-tech, retro fitted Ghostbusters whip.

Taking its roots in the OG ride, the new vehicle is a similar Cadillac Professional, though the model is updated by a solid handful of years – beyond the original’s ’59 model lineage.

And just by the by, if you were thinking about rushing out to whip together an updated cosplay outfit to beat the crowd, stop.
Not only has someone already beat you to it, but there’s scarcely a chance in hell that you’ll top them in the adorableness factor.


The new Ghostbusters is scheduled to hit screens in 2016.