We love a good bit of behind-the-scenes Bachelorette drama, and sources close to the show claim that Pascal, who was booted out this week after disparaging the girls in pretty full-on fashion, had a secret girlfriend he dumped before the show.

Pascal was due to appear as a guest on the So Dramatic! podcast this week, and he couldn’t make it, but he provided a wild statement, saying that his exit was actually a stitch up after he ratted out the other guys for smoking ciggies in the mansion.

That’s neither here nor there, because host Megan Pustetto claims to have intel about the real reason he left, which involves a “secret girlfriend” that he dumped before filming kicked off. She said on the latest episode:

“A number of people have come forward to me, claiming that Pascal had a live-in girlfriend who he dumped to go on the show. One source who knows him on the outside says he was dating this chick before the show, and they were even living together in Bondi. He got on the show, and then dumped her so that he could do it, and told her that he wanted to take a break so she moved out of his place. And then just days later, he was filming The Bachelorette.”

Pustetto continued:

“She was totally blindsided and heartbroken. He told her that they would get back together as soon as he came off the show, and that’s why he really left the show, because he realised he made the wrong decision, and he wanted to get back with her.”

Pascal and his alleged secret girlfriend were reportedly the topic of much conversation in the mansion, however, the man himself has since set the record straight. He said in a statement to the podcast that the relationship was “nothing serious”, adding:

“She moved into my Bondi mansion during COVID for two months, the relationship ended as I was invited on the show, but also coincided with her moving out, which was always the plan. We are still good friends and have the utmost respect for each other. I was single, during the show. It was a storm in a teacup.”

You can hear much, much, much more detail about Pascal and his time on the show, straight from Pascal himself, on the current episode: