High on the list of “shows that didn’t get anywhere near enough of a run” is the exceptionally good and unfairly short-lived Party Down, which copped a two-season, twenty-episode run in 2009 and 2010 before being cut short by network officials due to unstable ratings and key cast departures. But in the 2019 spirit of giving things another crack, whether they need it or not, creators of the cult favourite show now claim they are looking, quite seriously, into some sort of reunion for the series in the not-too-distant future.

Appearing on a special Party Down panel at Vulture Festival over the weekend, series creators John EnbomRob Thomas, and Dan Etheridge all confirmed the interest in a potential reunion serieswas very high, and that they’ll be looking into pushing something forward over the next couple of years.

But it won’t be, sad to say, the feature-length movie that has been spoken almost incessantly ever since the show went off the air.

After season two star Megan Mullally badgered them with “I want to do the show again. Can we do it again?” Thomas offered up that while he “[didn’t] think a movie’s in the cards,” nonetheless “in the next year or two we’ll explore some ways to bring the gang back together.” Which is music to my big nerdy ears, I tell you what.

For practically the first time since its cancellation, the panel featured the entire cast of the series, including Adam ScottLizzy CaplanJane LynchMartin StarrKen MarinoMegan Mullally, and Ryan Hansen. It also just-so-happened to feature a surprise appearance from season two guest star Steve Guttenberg, which is huge news for anyone who’s ever gotten a rare fish stuck in their intake.

The short-lived series followed a ragtag band of would-be and once-were actors and writers in LA working a menial job for a party catering company. It was extremely good, the whole shebang is on Stan right now, you should watch it immediately.