If the recent influx in reboots and reunions tell us anything it’s that we love a bit of nostalgia whether it be a ’90s movie, a noughties TV show, a vintage band or a good old fashion celebrity feud and nothing is more iconic to a milennial than the war of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.

The drama to end all dramas was resurrected when a fan account shared a video that highlighted the best moments of the pair’s feud including an instance in 2006 where Lohan called the heiress a “c—t” before changing her tune moments later and captioned it:

“The chronicles of the 00s troubled star Lindsay Lohan and her chaotic backtracking situations.”

Rewatching the footage must have reignited the fire in Paris who took to the comments section to call Lohan a “Pathological Liar,” which fans noticed and shared all over social media for our enjoyment.

The relationship between the former pals hit the rocks in 2006 after it was reported that the Mean Girls actress was dating Hilton’s ex, Stavros Niarchos. Everything went downhill from there and shortly afterward, Hilton laughed hysterically while Brandon Davis publicly called Lohan a “firecrotch.” 

That wasn’t the end of the heiress’ payback as in 2011 when she offered her jewellery to a homeless woman on an episode of her reality show The World According to Paris, the woman mistook her for Lohan which led to the following iconic diss served by Paris:

“If I was Lindsay, I’d be stealing the earrings, not giving them away.”

An obvious jab at Lohan’s legal troubles in 2011 when she allegedly stole a necklace from a Venice store.

The pair put a lid on their feud for a while as they both stayed relatively out of the spotlight until last December when Hilton recalled the night in 2006 when she, Hilton and Britney Spears were spotted hanging out, forming the beloved ‘Holy Trinity‘.

Paris now claims that Lindsay hijacked hers and Spears’ night out and was never actually invited. A ‘you can’t sit with us’ situation, if you like.

“It was just Brit and I out and then [Lindsay] just, like, chased us to the car and got in,” before she revealed, “She wasn’t invited. She wasn’t on the list.”

All these years later, it looks like Paris still isn’t ready to forgive Lohan for taking her man and breaking the rules of feminism.

Wow, girl can seriously hold a grudge.