Paris Hilton Just Said She’d Knock Out Jake Paul & Honestly, I’d Pay To See That

paris hilton jake paul

Paris Hilton has declared that she’d knock out Jake Paul and honestly, I’d put money on it.

At this point, I’m wholeheartedly convinced that the Paul brothers have a death wish, because they’re picking fights with people that they simply cannot beat.

For starters, Logan is fighting Floyd Mayweather, which is something I’d actually pay to see. And then we’ve got Jake trying to fight Conor McGregor, which is probably equally dumb.

But now Jake has taken to Twitter overnight to threaten to fight, well, everyone. Joe Biden, Kanye West, Donald Trump, Ellen DeGeneres, LeBron James, you name it. However, the one person he doesn’t think he could win against is our lord and saviour… Paris Hilton.

“Only person I’m scared of fighting is Paris Hilton,” he tweeted last night.

Hilton, who is quite literally the only person keeping me going in 2020, took to Twitter to respond to the madness, reminding him that yes, he should be scared. You simply love to see it.

“You should be… I would knock you out,” she tweeted.

Honestly, I don’t doubt that Hilton could hold her own in a fight. She has a previous history of boxing for fitness, and used to train with UFC fighter Gave Ruediger, so it’s really not that far-fetched of an idea. I mean, if Jake Paul can do it, Paris Hilton probably can too.

It’s been a huge year for Hilton, who not only dropped the bombshell that she was playing a character in The Simple Life, but also released a tell-all documentary detailing her deepest troubles *and* has been a voice for victims of institutional abuse. But did I expect her to end the year with a boxing match against Jake Paul? Look, no.

Paris Hilton knocking out Jake Paul in a boxing match? I simply cannot stress this enough: that’s hot.