‘Paper Giants’ Lawsuit Settles Out Of Court

The former husband of Australian publishing doyenne Ita Buttrose, who was previously suing the ABC for his negative depiction in two part docudrama Paper Giants: The Birth of Cleo, has reportedly settled his case outside of court, following a mediation ordered by the NSW Supreme Court.

Alisdair “Mac” Macdonald, Buttrose’s first husband and the father to two of her children, claimed he was depicted as a “selfish, irresponsible and pitiably weak man” who was “so threatened by the success of his wife that he deserted her“.

After viewing footage from the program Justice Henric Nicholas said that there was “ample basis” for the matter be decided by a jury at trial but instead referred the two parties to mediation. A spokesperson for the ABC has confirmed that the parties have come to an agreement outside court and the matter will not go to trial. The exact terms of the settlement are subject to confidentiality and will be revealed in court next week. Hopefully there’s some kind of subscription in it for Macdonald, or a backbone? Please don’t sue. Thanks Mac!

A sequel to the first series following the rivalry between New Idea and Woman’s Day in the 90s has been given the green light by the ABC.

Via News.com.au