Word On The Grapevine Is Pamela Anderson Fucken Loathes That New Viral Show About Her

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson is apparently NOT thrilled with that limited series about herself and ex-hubs / Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee, starring a truly unrecognisable Lily James and Sebastian Stan.

Pam and Tommy really took off over the past weekend after the cast shared photos of themselves in characters online. When I say I scrolled past the photo three times because I didn’t recognise Lily James as Pamela Anderson, I bloody mean it.


The Hulu eight-part series tackles the true story behind the release of Pamela and Tommy’s stolen sex tape that went fucking boonta.

The series also stars a beardless Seth Rogen (*insert your fave Rogen movie here*), Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation), Taylor Schilling (Orange is the New Black), Andrew Dice Clay (A Star is Born), Pepi Sonuga (Famous in Love), Spenser Granese (The Sinner), and Mozhan Marnò (The Blacklist).

BTW, Rogen plays Rand Gauthier, the bloke who stole the sex tape.

Anyway, a “friend” of Pamela’s – grain of salt – exclusively told The Sun that she “has no intention of watching this God awful show, absolutely not. Never.”


But wait, there’s more, because Source isn’t done ragging on the show yet.

“She’s never heard of the actors playing her or Tommy, and doesn’t care to know them.

“She and her family think the show is a cheap knockoff.

“The whole thing is a joke to them.”

I mean, big oof (if true).

For what it’s worth, neither Pamela nor Tommy are involved with the show, which was ordered to series in December 2020. So for all we know, Pamela could actually hate it.

I think the cast look pretty cool, though. Lily James just barely looks like herself, even after squinting at the picture for 30 seconds.

Sebastian looks like Sebastian, but Lily…

While the sex tape is the main focus of the series, Pam and Tommy is also about the former couple’s whirlwind romance. The pair got hitched back in 1995, after knowing each other for about 96 hours.

Their marriage lasted for three years, with the pair getting divorced in 1998.

Hulu has yet to announce a release date for Pam and Tommy, but we’ll one hundo keep you updated on this one.