Paleo Blogger Charlotte Carr Comes Clean About Her Fast Food Commercials

Earlier this week, paleo blogger Charlotte Carr found herself in a somewhat embarrassing situation, when it was revealed that the healthy living enthusiast and critic of takeaway food was doing voice-over work for fast food commercials.
In a statement issued yesterday, Carr said that, while she doesn’t “personally” endorse the products in her commercials, like chicken nuggets and Cherry Ripes, she does them because hey, a girl’s gotta eat.
“I am a working mother and like everyone else, will do everything I can to keep my family safe and nurtured,” Carr said.
“If I’m telling you through advertising on television or radio to buy a certain car, or catch a certain airline, or use a certain toothbrush, I may not drive that certain car, or use that airline or use that toothbrush,” she continued. 
She went on to say that she would speak to her representatives at RMK about choosing “roles that align more closely to my values.”
Carr was most recently in the news when her paleo-for-babies book Bubba Yum Yum, co-authored with Pete Evans, was pulled from sale, after outcry over a recipe for DIY, bone-broth based baby formula, that could potentially have been fatal for infants.

Photo: Lisa Maree Williams via Getty Images