Oz Comic-Con Outfits That’ll Put All Yr Halloween Costumes To Absolute Shame

oz comic-con

Oh, Oz Comic-Con – where like-minded folk who froth on everything from cult TV shows to sci-fi movies, comic books, anime, video games and more come together, dress up and have one helluva time.

Tbh, Championships of Cosplay is one of the best parts of Oz Comic-Con and far more entertaining to watch than reruns of The OC. With the A+ effort that’s put into these outfits, plus the overall quality of the cosplayers, it’s makes total sense that this is the most prestigious costume contest down under.

A GA ticket to the event will get you access to that as well as all of the other cosplay comps, along with panels + workshops. Have your camera handy because getting a photo with one of these legends is sure to rake in the double taps.

With the Aussie iteration of the event picking up serious steam in recent years, the get-ups are only getting more and more ~wild~. Inspired by the mythical, the magical, world of Oz Comic-Con, check out some of the impressive as hell, outlandish ~lewks~ from previous years below.

Oh Archiekins, that’s commitment.
This costume looks like it would’ve been a task and a half.
Who invited John Travolta and Uma Thurman?
This lewk is so good it’s Sinister
May god have Mercy on your souls.
Reddy or not, here he is.
An apple a day keeps the doctor damn well terrified that’s what.
Lord of the costumes.
Pipe dreams.
If he was green he would die.
Squad goals.
Dan Stevens, u up?
Mum, can you pick me up? I’m scared.
Chewbacca, but make it fashion.
Take the shackles off my wrists so I can dancceeee.

Well then, Halloween costume expectations just bloody skyrocketed. For everything else you might wanna know about Oz Comic-Con, get amongst the festivities HERE, or follow Oz Comic-Con on FB for updates. Did we mention the hunky dudes from Magic Mike and Riverdale (yes, Joe Manganiello and KJ Apa) are coming down under for this event? WELL THEY ARE. What you do with that information is up to you.