Do you like reading the word ‘house’? Well, friend, you’re in luck ’cause this article is fucking brimming with ’em!
So back in May one of the most recognisable houses for a certain generation of TV fans, the IRL San Francisco house which was used as the stand-in house for the Tanner family’s house on sitcom ‘Full House’, went on the housing market and people got nostalgic af.
Well good news for ‘Full House’ fans (or Housies as they’re known, I assume), said house will be remaining in the figurative ‘Full House’ family with news coming through this morn that it just got snapped up by ‘Full House’ creator Housey McHousington, sorry, Jeff Franklin.
Here he is standing in front of the house. (The house from the ‘Full House’ TV show).
Not a bad house, the ‘Full House’ house, hey?

The house, built by house builders in 1833, set the guy who created ‘Full House’ (and presumedly came up with the name ‘Full House’ as well, good for him) back a sneaky $4 mill, which he says is hundo percent worth it, as it can now function as both a gift to ‘Full House’ fans (apparently 250 Housies visit the ‘Full House’ house a day), and as a set for the recently rebooted version of ‘Full House’ on Netflix, titled ‘Fuller House’.
So there you house it! House’d have guessed this house, ended up housing the House Man from the House Show.
Source: Hollywood Reporter.
Photo: Jeff Franklin.