Apparently our thirst for seeing everyday Aussies humiliating themselves on reality TV does have its limits, and The Biggest Loser Transformed is where we draw the line. 

The rebooted series returned mid-March, with a focus on slightly slimmer contestants, who were meant to be more relatable to viewers, but it has struggled in the ratings since.

With competition from Married At First Sight and My Kitchen Rules – which is down slightly in ratings but still a dominant force – the new Biggest Loser struggled to make an impression. 

It drew only 474,000 viewers on it debut, and has since slumped to almost half that number, forcing Channel Ten to take drastic action, and cut it from the prime time lineup.

The remaining episodes of The Biggest Loser Transformed will now air at 1pm on Mondays to Thursdays. Ten’s chief of programming Beverley McGarvey says that the network is “disappointed”, adding: 

“It really hasn’t resonated with audiences the way we had hoped. It is a very competitive time of year. There are two very established shows on that are creating a lot of noise. We hoped it would do a lot better but it simply hasn’t. We think we’ve given it as long as we possibly can.”

The current season features trainers Shannan Ponton and Libby Babet; long-time cast members Michelle Bridges and Steve “Commando” Willis did not return this year.  

As for the competition, we can expect to see a lot more bad behaviour from Seafood King Josh as My Kitchen Rules continues its slide towards the finals with another round of instant restaurants:

Meanwhile, the seemingly never-ending social experiment that is Married At First Sight will finish its current run on Monday:


Source: News Corp.

Photo: TenPlay.