Honestly, nothing amuses me more than a) people falling over as long as they don’t hurt themselves, b) dogs standing on their hind legs dancing and c) cases of mistaken identity.

What is it about someone being confused for someone else that’s so hilarious? I do not know and I do not care – it just IS DAMN FUNNY. Today’s ~Great Mistaken Identity Mishap~? One Peter Dutton (@PeterDutton5), a charming African-American bloke from the States, who was just minding his own business before being inundated with Tweets directed at the Bad Peter Dutton (@PeterDuttonMP), potential Oz PM and Garbage Human.

Good Peter Dutton has started to Tweet about the many, many tags he’s been receiving.

He’s since been asked by folks if he’d like to be our PM – since, well, the options aren’t exactly crash hot right now.

FYI, he’s keen.

Although he was also quick to educate his new Aussie fans on his popcorn business. Hey, gotta hustle for that publicity, right?

He’s good with gifs.

He’s also… really hot.

Butttt he’s all married and Christian and shit, and has a kid + a new one on the way. In fact, the only annoying thing about our new mate Peter Dutton The American is that he did one of those awful baby reveal videos.

Aside from that, we welcome our new overlord since the Aussie options are literal trash-fires.

Image: Twitter / PeterDutton5