The Bachelor‘ host & rose ceremony officiator Osher Günsberg has welcomed the Australian Press Council‘s findings today that a Daily Mail article about him from last year was completely out of order.

ICYMI, the Daily Mail last September published a series of less-than-flattering paparazzi pics of a shirtless Osher, writing that the “hunky reality TV host who never has a hair our of place … showed a different side of himself [and] revealed his portly frame and unkempt hair”.

The pics were taken while the bloke was going for a dive on his one day off from filming ‘The Bachelor’ finale in Bali – it was a 30 degree day and he was in a wetsuit. Half stripping off is not just a comfort thing but a necessity to prevent over-heating.

The Press Council today ruled that in posting the story, the publication breached several press principals, and that despite being a public figure, this story was in no way in the public interest.

“The Council considers the subject matter of the article did not relate to the complainant’s public activities,” it said. “Photographs of a celebrity will frequently not breach a reasonable expectation of privacy. However, given the fairly remote location, the care exercised by the complainant in the past to not be photographed shirtless, his lack of alternatives in the circumstances and the covert nature of the photographs, he retained a reasonable expectation of privacy which was intruded upon by the photographs and the references to “Bali belly”. There was no public interest to justify such an intrusion.”

Osher told PEDESTRIAN.TV that he’s happy with the findings.

“I welcome the release of the Australian Press Council findings today that acknowledge that everyone has a right to some level of privacy,” he said.

“It was important to me to make a stand, regardless of the outcome.”

Good on ya mate. And PS – please look after Matty J for us <3.

Photo: Channel 10.