Osher Teased The Possibility Of A Bachie Reunion Ep & Fuck Me, That’d Be Some Damn Good TV

Look, I’m sure we say this every single year, but I’m gonna say it again ‘cos I really fucken’ mean it: this season of The Bachelor has been the most BATSHIT one yet.

From the variety of cooked contestants, frenemies Bella Varelis and winner Irena Srbinovska spring to mind, to the wild Love in Lockdown eps, to our spicy leading lad Locky Gilbert, it was an absolute shitshow.

And, of course, our lord and saviour Osher Günsberg agrees, as he’s just suggested doing a reunion episode for this season and holy fucking fuck, that would be the best thing ever.

As last night’s finale was airing, Osher went on a tweeting spree, where he suggested that the Channel Ten dating series do its first-ever reunion ep, ‘cos this season sure as shit needs it.

“‘If ever there was a season to do a reunion show, it would be this season. #TheBachelorAU,” he tweeted.

Can you IMAGINE what that would be like?

First of all, we’ll find out if Locky and Irena are ~actually~ still together (I have my doubts, but that’s another story…), also, we’ll see the aforementioned frenemies reunite and I’m sure it’ll be as dramatic and bitchy as a Real Housewives reunion.

The powers that be at Ten needa make this happen ‘cos we’d all watch the shit out of that.

Meanwhile, Osh wasn’t the only one on a social media spree last night as the finale aired.

So Dramatic! podcast pointed out that Locky had a bunch of savage altercations with his Instagram followers.

When an IGer called him a “very good actor” and questioned his “happiness”, he responded, “haha ok Karen.”

Another follower simply asked him why he’s “been back to clubbing and hanging out with several other women in Perth while away from the ‘future wife’?” Adding, “Bella dodged a big bogan bullet.”

Then a third follower opined that the series “treats women like a piece of meat and demonstrates that it’s ok to think women are here for the male pleasure,” to which he responded, “But still, you watch it and follow my adventure. I’ll just set up my camping chair in your head and settle in.”

Here’s an idea: how about we invite these folks to the reunion ep so they can hash it out with Locky? That’d be some daaaamn good TV.