We Asked Osher If He Reckons Contestants Go On ‘Bachelor’ For Instafame

What goes hand-in-hand with finding love on prime time television?

Social media tells us that the reality for ‘The Bachelor‘ stars includes a bunch of sponsored Instagram posts, grouching about hot goss and punchy soundbites on morning radio, and wearing one of those creepy light face masks at least once. The same ones that look as if they’ve been pinched from the set of The Purge, or Hannibal Lector’s walk in wardrobe.



Who better to ask, though, but Osher Günsberg—none other than the rose wrangler himself—on our brand spanking new podcast, No Chill?

Given how reality television churns out self-made celebrities in the blink of an Instagram like, it’s easy to assume that the single lads and ladettes of Australia are hunting for more than just roses, but something even sweeter: a fan-base.

But Osher disagrees.

“People just want a connection,” he tells us in our second episode of No Chill. And he’s not wrong. And I mean, even if there are a couple of fame-hungry punters aching for a New Idea pregnancy rumour, who doesn’t like being validated on the internet?

We’ve been doing it for as long as social media has been around, and by it I mean hounding our friends to “pc4pc :-] x” and—of course—assigning a moody Owl City track to play automatically on our MySpace theme.

Osher’s no stranger to finding fame in the ‘Strayan TV landscape. From his glory Australian Idol days clad in shell necklaces as beach-blonde-babe Andrew G, to now patting Honey Badger on the back and handing out date cards, he tells PEDESTRIAN.TV that it’s not all glitz and glamour.

If the television has gotten a bad wrap for adding ten pounds, Osher reckons it also adds a whole bunch of stress, and angst, and fuels whatever other demons those in front of the camera might be dealing with.

But that’s not all Osher discusses.

We chat what being a vegan before Instagram means to him, the state of masculinity in 2018, having no fucks to give, and—importantly—the incredible success of his book Back, After the Break’, which can be purchased wherever good books are found.

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And as always – don’t keep calm, but do carry on.