Oscars Hype: Toy Story 3 Really Wants ‘Best Picture’

You can’t always get what you want, but Disney are certainly trying.

With The 83rd Academy Awards only hours away in the U.S., competition is definitely heating up for the Best Picture Award. But nobody is fighting harder than Pixar and Disney, the team behind Toy Story 3, who come in at a considerable disadvantage with the knowledge that no animated feature has ever won the Best Picture gong. Today marks the end of their cheeky campaign to implore Oscars voters and the general public to give the film a real crack at winning the award.

The Best Picture For Your Consideration ads use Toy Story’s characters in a variety of spoof movie posters of Best Picture winners from the past. That includes Barbie for American Beauty, a dismembered Mr Potato Head for Silence Of The Lambs and many more. Walt Disney’s Chairman Rich Ross explains:

“Calling out these fun-loving comparisons to Best Picture winners from Oscar’s past matched with specific images from the film, we feel, reminds us of the many unforgettable moments from Toy Story 3, and what we love about it in the first place…we hope these images go even a small way to bring a smile to your face, and remind us what the best movies are capable of doing, getting inside of us and never letting go.”

He has a point; Toy Story 3 was undeniably hailed as one of the best films of 2010. It made over $1 billion dollars in ticket sales worldwide. With 99% approval ratings on critic aggregator Rotten Tomatoes and awards including TIME’s lauded Best Film Of The Year, it was well-reviewed pretty much everywhere. It was one of the few films in recent memory that could entertain kids and make fully grown men cry at the same time.

So could Buzz and Woody really top Geoffrey Rush and Colin Firth? Watch this space.