Oscar Isaac Is Shipping Finn & Poe Even Harder Than You Are

Like a completely normal adult human being with perfectly normal interests and emotions, I have spent upwards of zero minutes defending that kiss from The Last Jedi and how it impacts the definitely real and 100% canon beautiful, sexual, homosexual relationship between Finn and Poe.  (For the record, that Rose-Finn kiss was strictly unilateral and doesn’t speak to any intent on Finn’s part.)

While the newer movies are making a great effort towards making the Star Wars universe a bit more inclusive, it’s hard to say whether or not they’ll fully commit to having a gay romance between two main characters in the final instalment of the film. Rest assured, though, that it’s not just you and I that really want this to happen – Oscar Isaac is mad keen as well.

Isaac has not been shy about voicing his support for the romance, famously telling Ellen in 2015 that, in The Force Awakens, there’s definitely something going on:

I think it’s a very subtle romance that’s happening. You have to just look very closely – you have to watch it a few times to see the little hints but, there was. At least, I was playing romance.

In a recent BAFTA Q&A, Isaac reiterated his support for the idea, saying he struggled a bit with seeing that kiss too, bless his heart:

Look, it was a little difficult to see my man kiss somebody else, but, you know, you gotta give up control. . .you got to watch some stuff you don’t want to watch sometimes.

Fingers crossed JJ Abrams doesn’t cock this up.