Orange Is The New Black’s Fake Band Sideboob Has A Very Real EP

Depending on how much of the new season of Orange Is The New Black you’ve managed to smash into your voracious faces by now, you may or may not have reached a point where you’ve become somewhat familiar with a little rockin’ band known as Sideboob. But if you haven’t, don’t worry. It’s such a small part of the episode that it doesn’t even remotely matter, so consider this story to be swept and confirmed spoiler free.

Sideboob is the fictional band featured in the show with assistant to the warden Joe Caputo slapping the bass big time, complete with typical middle-aged cool dude hat. In reality the “band” has an EP recorded that has been put up on your internets for all your howls of derision. The band’s Bandcamp page comes with three songs carrying the magnificent titles “You Slay Me,” “Workers in the Mine,” and “The Scorcerers.”
And if that weren’t enough, check out this magnificent band bio:
SIDEBOOB, formerly THE ALBERT ROTH PROJECT, formed in a garage five years ago when four friends playing poker were hit with a lightning bolt of rock genius. A band the likes of which had never been seen before in the upstate New York area, SIDEBOOB takes its influences from a wide variety of sources ranging from classic rock to arena rock. The band’s name originates from that time Gabe wore a tank top to the neighborhood pool and his wife wouldn’t stop commenting on how much SIDEBOOB he was showing. Their latest single, “Workers in the Mine,” is heralded as their “best song to date*.
Hooooo BOY. Don’t bother rushing out to a smoky upstate New York sports bar on a snowy Tuesday evening in order to catch Sideboob. Check out their EP right now, in all its streaming glory.

*holds up Zippo*