Oprah, Frankie Muniz Top Ridiculous List Of Celebrities Interested In Buying Clippers

What do Frankie Muniz, Oprah Winfrey, Puff Daddy, Matt Damon and Floyd Mayweather Jr. have in common? They’re all apparently “interested” in buying the LA Clippers off awful racist shitbag Donald Sterling.

After NBA commissioner Adam Silver held a press conference formally telling Sterling to GTFO there’s been broad expectation that he’ll sell the club, leading to rash of expressions of interest, from the genuine (Magic Johnson, Oprah, billionaire businessmen David Geffen and Larry Ellison) to the blatantly publicity hungry (Puff Daddy, Rick Ross, Frankie Muniz):

Somewhere in between is Matt Damon, who told financial network CNBC “I unfortunately don’t have Donald Sterling money, but if Magic wants to put people together, I’ll jump in as a super tiny minority investor”; Dr Dre, who’s said to be “super interested” in buying in; and Floyd Mayweather Jr., who’s reportedly considering teaming up with fellow boxer Oscar de la Hoya.

Given the team’s sale price is likely to top $1 billion, the buyer’s more likely to be a consortium of businessmen you’ve never heard of than a former child actor. Either way, it looks like slumlord millionaire Donald Sterling‘s gonna have plenty more money to spend on slums.