One Of The ‘It’ Kids Saw A Screening In Costume And We Need An Adult

This is equal parts cute and horrific, and we’re still trying to get our heads around it tbh.

Jackson Robert Scott, the kid who plays Georgie in the box office-smashing ‘It‘, went to a screening of the film totally in character, yellow raincoat and all.

If you’ve seen the trailer, you’ll know that Georgie is the Pennywise the Clown‘s first victim (in the current day, at least), and later appears in a terrifying scene to scream at his brother, “You’ll float too.”

And if you’ve seen the film itself, you’ll know it’s the jumpiest film of the year, if not the decade. Seriously – this film is not for the faint-hearted. Multiple screams are inevitable. Heart rates? They’ll go up. You know what a screening doesn’t need? EXTRA THINGS TO FREAK YOU THE FUCK OUT.

Luckily, eight-year-old Jackson is cute as heck.

And nothing – we repeat, nothing – can be as bad as rocking up to a screening and finding yourself alone with a creepy ass clown.

Go and see the clown movie if you want to never sleep again. It’s a wild ride.