One-Legged Field Pitch Invader Interrupts Brazilian Football Match

This guy must certainly be on of the most badass streakers ever. Where a missing leg would offer plenty of daily challenges for most, this dude was not going to let a missing limb impeded his God-given right to great a bit of chaos.

With Corinthians leading Coritiba 5-1 in Brazilian premier league fixture, the one legged fan seized his opportunity to liven up proceedings. Unfortunately he was not able to evade capture for long but sometimes it’s the thought that counts.

Top 5 Brave (or very stupid) streakers
The Running Of The Bulls, while a time-honoured tradition, is extremely cruel. But this time the bull gets one back in the form of one gored, nude, tubby streaker.

An ice hockey ring doesn’t strike me as the best place to invade. What, with all the massive dudes with sticks and razor sharp skates, forget it. Oh, and don’t forget the psycho umpires!

Streaking at the cricket is nothing new. Just like a well-timed Mexican wave, a good streak can stir up the fans if the game gets a little slow. Just don’t run at Andrew Symonds.

We’ve seen enough crazy soccer riots to understand that if you are going to invade a football pitch you need to watch your back. But not at the expensive of your front!

Streaking is like crossing the road. Look left AND right because you never know what’s coming from your peripherals