One Direction Get Inevitable Gay Parody

The overt homoeroticism between the members of England’s all-male music troupe One Direction has been the subject of heated fan forum conjecture and a dedicated video montage. The lads’ open physical displays of affection toward each other has inspired one group of fans to create a gay-themed parody of One Direction’s hit single “”What Makes You Beautiful” called “That Makes you Homosexual”.

The re-working of the song by cover band One Orientation is rife with gay stereotypes like “If you had sex with a girl you might die” and “You own capris / like fancy cheese” but according to One Orientation the parody is affectionate and say, “We love the song and this is our FUN take on it. EQUALITY for all.”

When One Direction visited Australia earlier this year we caught up with a few of their impressively obsessive fans to see how the teen idols of yore compare with Niall, Harry, Liam and so on. This is what happened…