One Crazy Internet Theory Posits That True Detective’s Yellow King Is The Yellow Guy In A Crown We’ve Been Seeing This Whole Time

The overwrought orbit of fantastical internet theories grappling to make sense of the flat circle of time that is True Detective’s central narrative question – whodunnit? – fluctuates wildly in plausibility from The Five Horsemen Theory (kind of plausible) to the it was Marty and/or Rust theory (not so much).

But of the universe of potential endgames to be read from the evidence the show has presented us with thus far, this particular reading, that the so-called Yellow King we’ve been hearing so much about is actually none other than the sinister looking all-yellow-everything dude wearing a crown and holding a sceptre and creeping in the background of multiple key scenes throughout the series, is the most compelling and cogently argued yet.  
He’s definitely there, you just have to be looking for him. 
I think they’re on to something.