Olsen Twins Sneak Peek

The Olsen Twins have kind of lucked out in this “life” thing haven’t they?

When you think about it, there isn’t that much separating an Olsen twin from a hopelessly talentless “it girl”. The only substantial differences being their bank accounts are equivalent to the GDP of a small country and they used to be in a mildly successful sitcom 20 years ago.

I find it baffling that either sister can claim to be an actress considering their most iconic roles to date were as toddlers and the only requisite for toddlers in acting or indeed life in general is to be cute (irate toddlers please direct your hate mail to ashley@pedestriangroup.com.au). It is for this reason alone that the Olsens eschew any criticisms of inaptitude. They are, due primarily to one role “established actresses”. Yeah right, they have more chances of winning a pie eating contest than they do of winning an Oscar.

Despite my cynicism of all things Olsen the pair (or more specifically their manager) should be commended for carving out a formidable and varied business empire on which to fall back on, NYU degrees in hand or not. The latest venture being a coffee table book titled “Influence” which seeks to share the Olsen’s own pop culture influences (everyone from Terry Richardson, Karl Lagerfeld and Radiohead).