Olivia Wilde Responds To Backlash Over A Now-Deleted Thirst Post About RiRi’s BF A$AP Rocky

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Olivia Wilde has responded to fan backlash after she put up a now-deleted thirst post of Rihanna‘s boyfriend A$AP Rocky. Olivia Wilde stop making headlines for all the wrong reasons challenge.

After Rihanna wrapped up her concert at State Farm Stadium in Arizona, Wilde took to Instagram to praise her for her stunning performance of multiple hit songs while lifted in the air and pregnant let the world know she was put “over the edge” by her “hot” boyfriend.

The comment was made alongside a video of A$AP Rocky excitedly filming Rihanna’s performance. I get what Wilde was going for here but… time and place, PLEASE.

Here’s the post in question which was swiftly deleted after Wilde received backlash.

olivia wilde instagram asap rocky rihanna
Put the phone DOWN. (Source: Instagram @oliviawilde.)

If you were to look at Olivia Wilde’s post removed from all context, it would make sense. Here’s the science of it all, which probably mirrors Wilde’s thought process:

  • A$AP Rocky = Attractive man.
  • Rihanna SuperBowl = Big performance. Everyone is watching.
  • A$AP Rocky filming said big performance = A man being a loyal and loving partner, which is one of the hottest things a man can do.
  • I should post these feelings on the gram, surely everyone agrees.

And most people would agree except Rihanna just revealed she’s pregnant with Rocky’s child and just finished a huge performance. Not really the time to be frothing over her boyfriend, especially with words like “this really put me over the edge”.

You’d only find a line like that in a Wattpad Harry Potter fanfiction.

Although Wilde took the post down, she put it back up eventually with a new caption, writing: “For anyone who got it twisted, it’s hot to respect your partner. Especially when your partner just did thaaaaaat.”

olivia wilde instagram asap rocky rihanna
(Source: Instagram @oliviawilde.)

I think it’s about time we put every celebrity on this planet through rigorous media training. Sometimes it’s okay to just NOT post your thirsty feelings about people on the internet. I mean, I do it all the time but I also don’t have 4.2M followers on Instagram.

Let’s just put the phones down and celebrate that Rihanna did THAT.